Agency for Dumoulin in the Benelux, Germany and Switzerland



Useful volume: 329 liters
Batch size: 100-250 kg
Diameter: 1400 mm
Length: 940 mm
Product Bed Depth: 357mm


Shallow bed depth

  • Elongated drum shape for lower bed depth
  • Careful handling of fragile products
  • Better mixing
  • Better exposure to ventilation and spraying

A wide range of centers

  • Dried fruits, seeds, nuts…
  • Toffees, caramels, liquorices …
  • Biscuits, extruded products
  • Fondants

A wide range of coatings

  • Any type of chocolate, plain, milk, white
  • Compounds and yogurt
  • Equipment designed to work with a wide range of temperatures, fat concentrations and viscosities
  • Same equipment will allow chocolate coating and varnishing during one batch

Mixing baffles

  • Various  materials, sizes, angles according to your products


Chocolate dosing and spraying

  • High accuracy and consistency, with pressure pump and optional massic flowmeter
  • Motorised filter
  • Double jacketed networks
  • Spray-bar extraction for easy maintenance

Chocolate spray guns

  • Hot jacket water and air spray system  to give fine droplets
  • Over-wetting at end of the process for smoothing

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